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Buy the Best Koi Fish for You


One of the best types of fish you can keep is Koi. The fish, originally from Japan, are popular with many hobbyists. If you would like to start farming Koi fish, it is important to know how they should be reared. Finding the best Koi fish for your collection is also important.


You can purchase Koi fish from different places. The best way to purchase the fish is by looking for them from a farmer in your area. If you can't located a local Koi fish farmer, you can order them online. When you go online, you will come across a number of forums where Koi fish farmers congregate to exchange ideas. You can find suppliers that can ship Koi fish to your location when you check the marketplace section of the forums.


To find the right Koi fish to buy, it is important to do your research well. This means finding out from the seller where the Koi fish being supplied originated from. You should also find out about the quarantine measure the farmer had at hand with regards to the Koi fish. If you are looking to buy the fish locally, visit the farmer's pond and examine the fish. Check the fish to ensure they have not been affected by any bacteria, parasites or fungi. Make sure you choose Koi fish of the appropriate size. Also, ensure the specimen is of the highest quality.


Background of the Fish

Find out the background information of the Koi fish you are looking to buy here. For instance, knowing the history of the fish is important. A reputable seller will give you information about the origin of the fish, how they have been maintained, and how they were transported to their current location.


Another important piece of information you should find out about is quarantine. To ensure the Koi fish remain healthy, they need to be quarantined initially. Find out how long the quarantine lasted. Koi fish should be quarantined for at least three weeks when they are transported to the seller. Apart from this, the fish pond temperature should be set at 73 degrees F and maintained there during the duration of the quarantine. Other measures such as heat cycling help to reduce the risk of fungus, bacteria and other diseases that may infect the fish. Go to to learn more details.


Go for Aesthetically Pleasing Koi

After you have found a good Koi seller, the next challenging step is choosing the exact fish you will need. Choose aesthetically pleasing Koi fish, whether you would like to keep them for showing or commercial purposes. You can choose Koi fish of various patternations and colors.


The above are some tips to keep in mind when choosing Koi fish, click to know more!